Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday Hijinx in the Swamp

December 24, 2008

Panel 1: “Sue, you say you’re a woman, but why do you have an Adam’s apple?”

Panel 2: In celebration of the Eve of the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Jackelrod Sphere blesses us with an image of a randy (and pathetically lost) river otter humping a log while a deer of suspect tastes gazes on.

December 25, 2008

Panel 1: “Goddamit Sue, I can’t think with your Adam’s apple bobbing around like Jenna Jamison on a meth binge.”

Panel 2: “I can’t help it Mark, preparing Howdy-Doody for sacrifice to our giant green anemone overlords makes me sad.”

Panel 3: “Goddamit Andy, I can’t think with you licking my, plastic pudenda like Jenna Jamison on a meth binge.”

December 26, 2008

Panel 1: Bearded Rustic does not realize that giant green anemones can easily eat two adult humans in one sitting.

Panel 2: Mustachioed Rustic does, and decides not to wait around and see if they can fit in a third.

Panel 3: Either the colorist was still recovering from too much holiday cheer, or Andy is about to lose his front left foreleg to an advanced case of gangrene.

December 27, 2008

Panel 1: Yes, a dead dog in a swamp is a truly mystifying phenomenon. Certainly, like Bearded Rustic, if I were to stumble across a dead dog in a swamp, I would be paralyzed (and deaf) with wonder.

Panel 2: I would not, however, drop my 5/8th scale Ruger 10/22 when tackled by a man in a khaki unitard and tiny, orthotic chukkas shouting "Surprise!"

December 29, 2008

Panel 1: …with his mad capoiera skilz…*

Panel 2: …and his incredible melting dog.

* For those readers familiar with The Comics Curmudgeon and The Right Blog O' Justice, Mark has apparently switched from the right fist o' justice to the left foot o' retribution. Even with his tiny feet and orthopedic chukkas, it looks like Mark will be able to...ahem...leave his mark.

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