Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Unnatural perversions

December 31, 2008

Panel 1: Is that Bull Connor? What year are we in?

Panel 2: For those of you who haven’t been following the story line, Mark was kidnapped by a man named Rabbit. Back in November, Mark beat up Rabbit for running dog versus raccoon fights in a pond. After getting beat up, Rabbit kidnapped Mark for the low, low sum of $5,000 at the behest of a man who works for Sue (the man also happens to think Sue is a hottie: he is wrong). Sue, of course, is the lady in pink holding Howdy-Doody in Panel 3 yesterday, and she is actually a land-developer planning on plowing under the marsh in which all this gut-wrenching action has been taking place. Sue’s employee wanted Mark kidnapped in order to keep him from convincing Sue that she shouldn’t plow under the marsh. Got that? Good. Now forget it, because Panel 2 raises a serious question. What the fuck kind of bird is that? It looks like the misbegotten love child of Papa Smurf and some kind of egret/penguin hybrid.

Panel 3: That’s right Bull, you pick that Rabbit up, cause nothing says probable cause like a tip from that rugged man of action, Mark Trail.

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