Wednesday, March 10, 2010


March 10, 2010

Panel 1: Just for the record, the Jackelrod Sphere has now presented us with 18 separate bird images since February 8th. Compare this with the 6 non-human mammals, the single amphibian, and the single fish images it's given us. I'm detecting some sort of pro-avian bias here and I, for one, am deeply disturbed.

Panel 2:"I am...ahem...tracking beaver."

Panel 3:Not really. What's interesting is what Mark is doing to that helpless sleeping bag in the background. That and the fact that he's obviously returning to Wet Lake to exact his revenge on the Parker Brothers who, you may recall, totally whupped his ass.


  1. Hi, this blog will surely be a help and will be a blessing for you, in your walk with GOD.

    Have a blessed reading and gladly write back to me if you need any prayer help.

    God bless you.


    Oh sorry, lost my train of thought there for a minute....YAY! The Squid is back....I figgered with the move to Rocky Mountain High Coloradao this blog might be Kaput.

    In the spirit of renewal, rejoicing, SATAN FUCK, and avian imagery of dubious accuracy I present my interpretive identification of the aforementioned 18 bird images (although I only find 16 individual birds in 10 panels):

    Feb 13: Wood ducks, wrong colors.
    Feb 15: Mallards, reasonable likeness.
    Feb 16: Mallards, again not bad.
    Feb 17: Canada geese, weird wing angles.
    Feb 20: Zombie Mallard and bizarre monochrome ghost Mallard.
    Feb 22: Goshawk, accurate facial expression, but with completely inaccurate all-cinammon coloring.
    Feb 25: Osprey, accurately rendered, other than it's ability to speak.
    Feb 27: Pigeons with hawk wings.
    March 4: Either an Osprey with the wings of a Red-Shouldered Hawk and the tail of a Cooper's Hawk or any combination thereof, but defintely a composite species unknown to science.
    March 6: Bizarre cinammon head Mallard with green wings, or bizarre Canvasback ducks with green wings, you decide.
    March 10: Canada geese, accurately rendered.

    This post was completed without the aid of Vodka.

  3. I'm afraid Servant of the Most High misrepresents herself. Where she, in fact, such a Servant, she'd know that God is a huge fan of this blog and, in fact, has it first on his own personal blogroll.