Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Let's Recap, Shall We?

Ok, so I'll be the first to admit that yesterday's vodka-fueled efforts, while enjoyable (for me), didn't really do much in the way of clarifying the current story-line. Thus, I shall conduct a recap. Of course, I don't have access and/or don't care to obtain access to the strips from January 5 through February 7. I think, however, that I can extrapolate what happened. It goes a little like this:

January 5: Three panels of prattle.
January 6: Mark's phone rings, his old friend Ben is calling.
January 7: Mark and Ben talk about stuff at Ben's lake.
January 8: Mark decides he needs to write a magazine article about stuff at Ben's lake.
January 9: Cherry tries to lure Mark into bed, but he successfully evades her desperate clutches and drives to Wet Lake (or whatever Ben's lake is called).
January 11: Senator Hatcher decides to take a visit to Wet Lake.
January 12-February 7: Mark meets the Senator and his ambiguously gay staffer Tim, stuff happens, and, voile!, fisticuffs.
February 7-22: The Senator has a heart attack;Mark and Ben save the Senator by bravely canoeing him down a Class 1 riffle.
February 23-March 2: The Senator, Mark and Ben talk about stuff that isn't very interesting, except for the bit about Parker Brothers' booming non-fishing business.
March 3-4: Mark and Tim talk about stuff that isn't very interesting, except for the bit about Senator Wallace, the restaurateur cum Senator, who hates the outdoors and opposes efforts to preserve Paradise "Wet" Lake.*
March 5-8: Mark hooks up with Ranger Buzz and they proceed to canoe back out to Wet Lake.

*Note the incomprehensible statement by Tim, the not-too-bright Senate staffer, in which he concludes that it is strange that someone who dislikes the outdoors is opposed to preserving it. This, of course, is a perfectly normal position and, in fact, represents one of the planks of the modern Republican party.

Anyways. Now that you have the facts straight, let's dive into today's strip shall we.

March 9, 2010

Panel 1:It's not entirely clear to me where the lovely Ms. Harper is diving from. There's a tree behind the rock, and the rock is too low for her to have leaped off of. Any ideas?

Panel 2:Translation: Damn, I'd like to tap that ass.

Panel 3:Apparently Mark has overcome his revulsion at the thought of sexual contact between human beings and managed to paddle the canoe to the dock. I wonder if he threw up into the lake, or just swallowed it.

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