Friday, September 4, 2009

Or maybe the Virgin Mary...

September 4, 2009

Panel 1: Um, can anyone tell me what it is that Seth Rogen there is supposed to be pointing at. A map? A photo? A giant tortilla with the face of Jesus in it? It can't be a USGS quad, because even with a 20 foot contour interval, that would be one hilly fucking swamp.

Panel 2: You know, I think we're starting to see the outlines of a plot here. Lots of alligators, alligator poachers, a good-hearted rural rustic with an employment issue, and Mark Trail with his Right Fist O' Justice. Ladies and germs, throw in one hyena pig as bait (and I mean really heave it in there so the alligators have something to fight over) and suddenly it seems like we might be in for a real hootenanny.

Panel 3: Hell, if I were Rusty, I'd be on the lookout for irritated comic bloggers seeking to launch that yappy vag (and his dog) into the gaping maw of the nearest crocadilian.

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