Thursday, September 3, 2009

A litany of excuses

Apologies to all for the late posting. Wife and baby have been sick, and I've had no time to catch up on Mark's latest "adventures."

September 3, 2009

Panel 1:Mark may be many things, but I would never, ever apply the term "old goat" to him. It implies a number of appellations which cannot conceivably ever apply to Mark Trail, including: horniness, age, wisdom, facial hair, a giant nut sack.

Panel 2:"And yes, Rusty is a gigantic vag for naming his dog (or possibly his mutant hyena-pig...I'm never really sure) something so overtly vag-arific as "Sassy." And when you hear that coming from a genderless boy-wonder like myself, you know it's serious."

Panel 3:You couldn't just call and ask?

September 2, 2009

Panel 1:"They're here..."

Panel 2:"Um...Mary...the TV just ate our child."

Panel 3:"You stay here in the tree."

September 1, 2009

Panel 1:"Of course, we'll be forced to feed you to the alligators so you don't blab on us, but really, what's a little death among friends?"

Panel 2:I'm confused, is Bob concerned that poaching is a felony that can land you in jail, or is Bob confused that poaching might piss of his wife?

August 31, 2009

Panel 1:Having stood up to count himself out, Bob returns to his log. Having stood up with Bob so he wouldn't feel lonely up there by himself, Mr. S-L-S returns to his prone position.

Panel 2:Hmmm... yes, that's quite the dilemma. It's a shame there's no possible way you could ever hunt alligators legally.

Panel 3:"Yeah, if you poach an alligator you could be convicted of a 'crocadilian related violation' and that's a one-way ticket to the slammer!"

August 29, 2009

Panel 1:"Of course, given the choice between looking for more mill work and lounging around in the swamp, we prefer to lounge around in the swamp."

Panel 2:You know, Mr. Suspiciously-Long-Sideburns, if you got off your dead ass and stood up, you'd only be up to your shins in alligators.

Panel 3:Oh, Bob, you silly boy, you're so cute and innocent.

August 28, 2009

Panel 1:Little shit. Just rub it in a little more for your poor dad that he's an unemployed loser who can't provide for his family.

Panel 2:Wow, very Zen Bob, very Zen.

Panel 3:"You have three tries to guess what it is we're thinking. And here's a hint: It doesn't involve cowboy boots, massage oil, and a 10" monkey wrench."

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  1. Thanks for your little comics honestly i enjoy reading this.