Thursday, August 27, 2009

In which I insult inbred, "values"-voting, gap-toothed, swamp-delling, southern rednecks everywhere by comparing them to Republicans

August 27, 2009

Panel 1:Why is it that every time the Jackelrod Sphere draws a child it ends up looking either like some sort of deformed abomination:

or, as evidenced here, a manequin doll.

Panel 2:Oooh. Foreshadowing. What could turn up in a "southern swamp?" In the real world, that would be your median Republican voter (i.e., an inbred, gap-toothed, evangelical, "values"-voting redneck). In the world of the Jackelrod Sphere, I'm going to guess that it's hidden pirate treasure!

Panel 3:"Plus, here in our swampy paradise, we have all the possum meat you could care to eat!"


  1. What could turn up in a "southern swamp?"

    Well see, here's your problem. It's not a "southern swamp"'s a "southern swamp!"
    With an exclamation point, yo! Anything! Can! Happen! When! There! Is! An! EXCLAMATION POINT!

    Oh my God, look, it's a SOUTHERN SWAMP! In the South! With moisture! Critters! Heat! Banjos! Webbed fingered Cousin-Fuckers!

  2. Y'know. The more I read this comment, the better it gets. Pure fucking genius. I mean (!!).