Friday, August 7, 2009

Maybe he'll find some teeth and hair...

August 7, 2009

Panel 1:Um...Ms. Williams...Do you really think the police aren't involved yet? I can't say for certain, but from my extensive experience (watching E.R. and House) I feel safe saying that hospitals report gun-shot victims to the police and the police usually follow up on such things. Even if The Mullet tells them nothing, Mark Trail is sure to have something to say.

Panel 2:Actually, Joey, if you want to be in full compliance with the law, you can't let them dump the waste at all. They need to bring the waste to a properly permitted storage and handling facility. Dingleberry.

Panel 3:Ah, yes, the classic "going in circles" trope. I wonder if the Jackelrod Sphere knows that "going in circles" is not a literal reference to people wandering in circles? In fact, when people are lost, they're more likely to wander about like Billy in Family Circus.

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