Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A couple of hypotheticals.

August 19, 2009

Panel 1:Okay, perhaps the JS wasn't breaking new ground in the role of toxic waste in the comic book world. Instead, it was just plain old "vibrations" and gravity doing the good work.

Panel 2:Wow, that round barrel has some serious sharp edges. It appears to have lopped off the top, left quadrant of Percival's head. Poor guy. Looks like he's going to take up architecture or something right-brained from now on.

Panel 3:I like the total lack of affect in Mark's eyes here. It's like he's saying what he thinks people should say when they see a partial decapitation, but he's pretty much feeling empty on the inside.

August 18, 2009

Panel 1:Let's say you're out hunting. Let's say you're sitting in your deer stand and a deer ambles into your range of fire. Do you a) shout out a warning that you're about to shoot at him, or b) silently take aim and pull the trigger? Just saying.

Panel 2:Let's say you're walking through the woods when an escaped convict with a high-powered rifle takes a shot at you. Let's say you ascend a steep cliff to escape the convict and, when standing on the cliff outlined against a bright blue sky, the convict aims his rifle at you again. Do you a) adopt a heroic pose and shout "DUCK!", or b) drop to the ground and keep the lip of the cliff between you and the convict? Just saying.

Panel 3:It's a fairly standard convention of comics, that the evils of toxic waste act through a third party (see e.g., Chemo or Joker). Today, however, the Jackelrod Sphere smashes that convention and actually has the toxic waste throwing itself on Percival Carrington. Nice.

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