Friday, November 20, 2009

Ass-kicking Klatsch

November 21, 2009

Panel 1:And what better way is there to renounce a criminal conspiracy than to kick your co-conspirators in the face while swinging from a low-hanging branch and renouncing the crime of poachi...wait...what's that Bob? You're not a pet killer? No mention of alligators, poaching, anything? Sucks for you, Bob, because that's not going to cut it in state court. Fortunately for you, Mark Trail is as ignorant of the law as he is the inside of Cherry's trousers, so you should be okay in the short-term....

Panel 2:You know, I think I prefer my action scenes with a little less dialogue.

November 20, 2009

Panel 1: Wow, Mark looks disappointed that his friend Bob here is mixed up with a bunch of facial-haired no-goods. He doesn't even need to shave, how can that be?!?!?

Panel 2:"But, you know, I feel really guilty about it, Mark. I mean, I'm all torn up inside. I can't quit you Mark Trail!"

Panel 3:Here's a hint folks, if you're ever involved in a criminal conspiracy, it doesn't matter if your co-conspirators boot you from their little endeavor. While I'm sure Mark is going to read Longburn's disavowal of Bob as exculpatory, a court of law would not and criminal culpability would still attach to Bob. For Bob to have a workable defense to a conspiracy charge, he's going to need to make a clear statement that he has renounced the goals of this poaching gang.

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