Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bad or badder?

June 18, 2009

Panel 1:Hmmm... Ms. Williams seems a little subdued. A few minutes (i.e., days) ago, she was asking Mark to leave his resume and get out. Perhaps the prospect of jail time and massive fines are killing her urge to be sassy.

Panel 2:Fortunately for Ms. Williams, Mark Trail just broke the #1 rule of environmental enforcement, "NEVER announce an inspection." Actually, I suppose that's the #1 rule for any kind of enforcement. That shit's not rocket science, you know. If you want to find your kid's stash, do you tell him that you're going to search his drawer for drugs next Wednesday? Hell no, you barge up there and start looking right then. Why? Because any half-baked (or in my case, fully-baked) teenager knows to destroy or otherwise remove the evidence before the search starts. Corporate malfeasors aren't any different, they're just richer.

Panel 3:The acid test is coming folks. If Ms. Williams is on the side of sweetness and light, she'll grill her brother and then club him to death with her 50s era intercom; if Ms. Williams is aligned with the forces of darkness, she'll tell him to go clean the site up before the feds arrive. What do you think?

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  1. I'll bet on the forces of darkness, but there will be no wagering on Ms. Williams' brother facial hair - he'll be furrier than Smokey Bear.