Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bring in the BOLDS!

June 16, 2009

Panel 1:"Because I don't have the faintest clue what the law says, so it's just a whole lot easier for me to come here and shout a bunch about your drums."

Panel 2:"...and you know I'm telling the truth because only truth-tellers can have a gaze as piercing as the gaze I'm giving you now."

Panel 3:Awesome. Totally. Fucking. Awesome. In the annals of weird-ass bolding, today will loom large. Bolding, of course, denotes emphasis. So, when the Jackelrod Sphere gives one-letter bolds to Mark, it means Mark is, more or less, shouting the first syllable of each word. If you could hear him speak, this panel would sound like:

"Wuh-illiams Cuh-emical Cuh-ompany!"

I'm guess that Ms. Williams is looking so dismayed because she is wondering how anyone so fucking stupid could have found her toxic waste dump.

June 15, 2009

Panel 1:Awwww, look at how sad Mark appears. I guess this confrontation isn't going quite as he planned. No doubt, he expected the little lady to fess right up in light of his forceful accusation. He's going to have pull out the big guns in just a minute.

Panel 2:I'm guessing this is supposed to be an American Wood Duck or possibly, its nearly extinct cousin, the American Bat-Winged Wood Duck. As usual, the colorist has screwed the pooch.

Panel 3:Tsssssss! He's hot! Photographic evidence, the Desert Eagle of the environmental crimes world. Or so Mark believes. Of course, RCRA actually differentiates between generators, transporters, and treatment/disposal operators. That barrels have WCC markings on them is hardly proof that WCC knowingly broke the law.

June 13, 2009

Panel 1:Is it me, or does Mark look a tad too gleeful in this panel. Sure, he furrowed his brow a little bit to add a hint of grimness to his countenance, but from the bridge of his nose down, he's all Cheshire Cat. Weird.

Panel 2:Again with the private property! Look, Mark, the location of the land disposal has no impact on the likelihood or scope of penalties imposed by RCRA. If, as owner of Lost Forest, you plan on filing a civil suit, the location gives you a cause of action, but otherwise it means nothing. So please, STFU already.

Panel 3:I would find this much more amusing if Ms. Williams were to say, "Oh yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about" and did so while making some sort of lewd thrusting pelvic motion.

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