Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wanna, like, hold hands and stuff?

June 24, 2009

Panel 1:In a failed effort to ensure that dialog balloons appear in chronological order(no doubt founded on the notion that its readership is pig-fucking-ignorant and unable to discern chronology from context), the Jackelrod Sphere has given us what appears to be a conversation between the door jamb and the door casing. As it turns out, even these bits of inanimate millwork use inappriate bolding in their speech. Real humans would probably put the emphasis on "he", not "what" in that second balloon.

Panel 2:Mark appears to be attempting some witty repartee here. As one would expect, it fails and he comes across like a semi-literate 12-year old.

Panel 3:And here, he looks just a tad too eager to tell Ms. Williams what he found. I'm beginning to think that these are Mark's feeble attempts at leveraging his knowledge into a little kissy-kissy wiht Ms. Williams. While this runs contrary to everything we know about him and his androgynous life, how else can we explain Mark's child-like demeanor?

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