Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Duck. Goose. Whatever.

Panel 1:Oh-ho-ho, it's all becoming clear now. Mullet Man here had no choice but to change companies. Ladies and germs, when you think coercion and waste hauling, what comes to mind? La Cosa Nostra! And what else does La Cosa Nostra do? They run gambling rackets. So, let me make a little prediction here: Joey the Mullet (his Mafia name) ran up a big gambling debt. He couldn't pay up. His local crime boss made him an offer he couldn't refuse (i.e., "Use my hauling services or I'll break your knees."). Joey the Mullet switched waste transporters. Voile!

I am excited, of course, because if I'm right, we might finally get to see some of that patented Mark Trail fistin...er...fist-fighting. The last couple of story arcs have been disappointing for their notable lack of pugilism. Maybe that's about to change.

Panel 2:[Cue ill-conceived AFLAC joke.]

Panel 3:"Ummm... because you would have said no and Vinnie of the Mountains would have broken my knees."

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