Friday, June 12, 2009

I'm telling Mom!

June 12, 2009

Panel 1:I see Mark's android syntax is catching. I know the Jackelrod Sphere was trying to write something biting and witty for Ms. Williams to say, but there's just too many syllables for that here. Assuming Ms. Williams would really refer to herself in the third person (an arguable proposition in itself), this would read much better as follows:

"You wanted to see the president of the she is!"

Panel 2:On the other hand, I consider Ms. Williams' response in this panel possibly the best bit of writing the Jackelrod Sphere has ever managed to spit out. Finally, someone in this strip evinces the proper level of disdain for another one of Mark's pointless non sequiturs.

Panel 3:And it gets better! First, she denigrates Mark's home and now she's belittling his motives. Clearly, this woman has an invisible moustache, otherwise Mark would be punching her lights out instead of sputtering in his best vexed-5th-grader voice, "Oooooh, you're in trouble!"

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