Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cherry was a pace car driver.

Panel Zero: Having gone back and re-read the story of Mark's mid-winter excursion into the southern wetlands and his subsequent conversion of Sue Butler from rapacious developer into tree-hugging conservationist using nothing but his well-timed intervention with an alligator and a couple of platonic walks on the beach, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that we're about to get more of the same. By which I mean, Mark's going to work his androgynous charm on this winsome, brunette executive; punch a couple of her mustachioed employees; and save Lost Forest from the scourge of irregular garbage. I base all of this on the conditional described by the hourglass-shaped Ms. Williams in Panel 3. If she were really evil, she would have had Mark tossed out on his ear immediately. Of course, if the Jackelrod Sphere gives us a closer view of her face and it turns out she's got a couple of downy upper lip hairs, I think we can safely reject my hypothesis and conclude that her apparent willingness to listen to our androgynous hero is nothing but a clever ruse designed to lure him into a state of complacency whereby she can pack him off in a metal drum to be deposited wiht other irregular garbage in a formerly pristine bit of wilderness.

NOTE: Today's title has nothing to do with anything, I just happened to be listening to some Primus while writing this.

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