Monday, June 29, 2009

Number one, or number two? You decide.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Panel 1:Joey's hair is just so awesome. It's my professional opinion that in the pantheon of wicked bad hair (and I use that totally ironically), he has only one competitor for the number one slot.

Panel 2:In focusing on Joey's hair in the last panel, I neglected to mention that Ms. Williams is apparently a huge fan of blind leaps of illogic. According to her, since Joey said he did not know about the dumping at Lost Forest but did change their waste transporter, he must be lying. Huh? Call me crazy, but changing one's waste transporter is hardly irrefutable proof that a person is an illegal polluter. On the other hand, she could have said, "Joey, you told me that you didn't know about any dumping. And now I learn that you have a heavily-permed mullet." Had she said that, then I think she would have the irrefutable proof she's looking for.

Panel 3:Po, sad widdle Joey.

Friday, June 27, 2009

Panel 1:Check out the fucked up flipper on Ms. Williams. I'd make a tasteless Thalidomide joke, but this really evokes the post-apocalyptic evolution of Vonnegut's Galapagos rather than the more mundane mid-20th century industrial birth defect.

Panel 2:Blue back, spotted belly. What the fuck bird is that? Ace? Also, it's clear that our flipperized hostess here has no idea that she's dealing with a androgyne completely unsusceptible to emotional manipulation. He's either on (i.e., providing a beatdown) or off (i.e., affectlessly investigating environmental crimes). A dinner invite will NOT butter our hero up.


  1. What bird? NO BIRD ON THIS EARTH! The spots, body shape and nest are somewhat reminiscent of a Wood Thrush but everything else is all fucked up.

  2. The Jackelrod Sphere cannot err, of course, so it must be those damn colorists.

    P.S. Had a great visit with yer wife. We're hopefully going to be able to visit you guys one of these days...