Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Another sample stolen from Hideous Ties-R-Us

July 8, 2009

Panel 1:Is it me, or does Ms. Williams hand look absurdly tiny on Mark's shoulder? It's like he's wearing a giant, inflatable jacket or something.

Panel 2:Well, gosh, that should certainly clear your record Mr. Mullet. Who knew it was so easy to disclaim one's involvement in a criminal conspiracy?

Panel 3:Oh, come on now. No mobster worth a bucket of warm spit (or more!) would resort to such bland legalisms as "I would advise you to not say anything." If this dude were the real deal, when faced with Joey the Mullet spilling the beans, he'd threaten to choke him on his own testicles or something. At least Joey had the presence of mind to track down a pay phone to call his non-threatening mobster friend. That way, he'll only have to listen to him for $0.35 worth of advice, or however much it takes to make a call on a pay phone these days.

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