Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Lumpenproletariat

July 7, 2009

Panel 1:Mark is that an ironic because-we're-eating-at-50s-era-big-band-dining-club-in-2009 "fancy" or an unironic I-and-my-creator-are-so-completely-detached-from-reality-that-we-think-1957-defined-fancy-once-and-for-all "fancy"?

Panel 2:You know what? This dialogue doesn't improve if you replace "Mr. Trail" with "Mr. Bond."

Panel 3:Mmmm, yes. Because only environmentalists are concerned when they stumble across a pile of leaking drums in the woods. The rest of us sodden lumps would look at them, idly scratch our gonads, suddenly wonder whether anybody has a Twinkie we might eat or whether we should go to Wal-mart right now to buy a box, just as quickly forget what we were thinking about, and then wander off humming the latest hit single from Kris Allen and picking our nose.

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