Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm a dipshit, too. [Updated 7/31]

Before jumping into the fray, I want to apologize for the lag time in posting recently. Work has been crazy and I've been trying to rectify that by a) doing my work, and b) finding a new job. I expect things to return to normal in a few weeks, at which point I will be able, once again, to assail your delicate sensibilities on a daily basis. Oh yeah, and I'm going away on vacation the week of August 8-15. If anyone has even the most fleeting desire to fill in while I'm gone, let me know via email.

Also, it would appear that Mark Trail is currently unavailable on the intertubes, so I had to stop mid-strip on the 28th. I'll finish this once I get access again.

July 28, 2009

Panel 1:Hmmm...two shots from a rifle to Joey the Mullet's upper, left torso and Mark concludes that Percival didn't want to kill him. Are you fucking for real? If Percy was aiming for the heart, he was definitely trying to kill Joey the Mullet. Of course, given that he was using a .177 airgun, he probably didn't do much more than leave a couple of welts. So, I take that back, maybe Mark is right....or Percival is a dipshit.


Panel 3:Hmmm...yes. Perhaps that eyeless Amazonian with the bottle of bluing can pick up her bow and arrow and protect the Mullet for a while.

July 27, 2009

Panel 1:There's no way out, except through Mark.

Panel 2:And all that stands between the viewer and some much needed R&R in front of a TV playing Maury Povich reading a 6-year old magazine on anal fistulas is Ms. Williams and a giant, eyeless Amazonian who seems intent on bluing our hair.

Panel 3:"Apparently they are somehow involved in the reason..." What the fuck language is that? It's like machine language translated into Japanese via Babelfish and then back into English by Google Translator. Hey, Jackelrod Sphere, here's a tip: the mob does not get involved in reasons, the mob provides reasons.

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