Friday, May 29, 2009

His good side?

May 29, 2009

Panel 1:Like I said yesterday, Sherlock Holmes.

Panel 2:Again, why not just show us the problem? Oh wait, I know why. Because it's just easier to photoshop Mark's face in with a bit o' dialogue:

Panel 3:Wow, if this panel doesn't capture the child-like naivete of Mark Trail, I don't know what does. His bafflement at why someone might engage in illegal dumping (and on private property!) is laughable. Has he never heard of disposal fees? How about profit margins? Even for those of us unschooled in economics and unfamiliar with the term "externality," it's possilbe to conceive of scenarios in which firms seeking to maximize their profits might seek to minimize their operating costs by engaging in illegal behavior. Of course, most (all?) of us are not androgynous naturalists and men of action and, thus, most of us have the 2-3 spare minutes required to contemplate such things. Mark, on the other hand, is both the androgynous naturalist and a man of action and is waaaaaaay too busy kicking ass, taking names, and avoiding the sexual advances of the frustrated Cherry to waste his time thinking.

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