Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's his party.*

May 14, 2009

Panel 1: Holy shit, look at the fangs on Andy! He almost looks fierce in this panel. Of course, teeth don't often bear up well against firearms. Lucky for him, our hapless criminals seem to have put their gats down while picking up the tree that "fell down from being rotten."

Panel 2: JS does a pretty good job with the surprised looks here. Though I have to wonder where that gap in Stringy's teeth came from. The Elf looks kind of happy there in the background.

Panel 3: Ahhhh....The sweet release of watching Mark signal his intent to do great bodily harm to a bad guy by leaping at him and yelling "Surprise!" in large, bold letters. The impact, however, may be somewhat mitigated by the fact that just prior to yelling "Surprise" in big, bold letters, Mark had just yelled "Now, Andy!" in even bigger, even bolder letters. Nonetheless, we've seen Mark employ this modus operandi before (and even before that), and we all know that the only logical conclusion for such an attack is a good ol' fashioned beat down. Whoo-hoo!

*Please note that today's title is totally derivative of and, in fact, inspired by DeanBooth's take on today's strip.

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  1. Oh, man. I found this because of your funny comment on the Voice. Brilliant stuff and keep it up!