Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Squid is vindicated.

May 21, 2009

Panel 1:"Very, very serious! But not as serious as the lung cancer that killed him. Turns out, this deer smoked three packs a day!"

Panel 2:"Those goddam cigarette companies! Advertising their filthy cancer sticks to innocent children, small animals, and other defenseless creatures."

Panel 3:Okay, fine, maybe this strip isn't going to be about the dangers of smoking. Judging from this panel, I feel safe saying that it's going to be about the dangers of illegal dumping of toxic substances (or maybe that's a truck full of prions!). As a civil enforcement* attorney for the EPA (really!), I hold the faint hope that this could turn into an interesting story arc. On the other hand, it's been done Steven Segal...and it sucked. And while Steven Segal can at least bring the camp, I'm not sure what the Jackelrod Sphere is going to add here. The faint hope I just mentioned mostly revolves around the thought that anybody who drives a 70s-era semi is likely to have an accordingly archaic moustache which, as we all know, is to Mark Trail as a red flag is to a bull. If our heretofore invisible truck driver does have a moustache, perhaps we'll have fewer precious moments and more peach-colored fist bombs.

And, incidentally, that is one talented fucking skunk.

*The violation we're witnessing here would fall in the criminal realm, which is dealt with by a different office in the Agency from mine.


  1. Invisible driver? Au contraire! Zee leetle man is not a'speeking to a driver, he ees a'speeking to me, zee skonk, Pepe LePew! Oui oui mon cherie, you see my tail all up in zee air, no? Waving like I just don' care, no? He wants me to back that ass up, whoop, back that ass up!

    Like zis:

  2. and someday i weel know 'ow to make a zee link

  3. Pepe,

    Use the following method, but instead of brackets, use the less than and greater than symbols:

    [a href="http://your link"]your text[/a]

    Thus, your link would look like this:

    [a href=""]Lil' Wayne![/a]