Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Toxic schlock.

May 26, 2009

Panel 1: "I know this because the giant, spiny phallus tells me so."

Panel 2: Mark, we went over this already. It was the lead...in the study with a revolver.

Panel 3: Really fucking smart Mark. Animals are dropping like flies due to lead poisoning and you let Andy off-leash to find the source? What's wrong, tired of his shaggy ass always hanging around? Looking for an easy way to get rid of him?

May 25, 2009

Panel Zero: I'm eschewing the three-panel format for my comments today to point out what a fucking mess this strip was on Monday. I mean, the art is adequate as always, the dialoge in each panel is more or less sensible, but taken as a whole the strip is nonsensical. Consider: In panel 1, Mark is going to try and find out why animals are dying. There's an admirable lack of certitude there, not to mention the recognition that stuff is dying. Jump over to panel 2. Suddenly, Howdy-Doody is wondering whether death is serious and Mark's camera is brimming with confidence that Mark and it WILL find out what's going on. Get to panel 3 and Mark has caught whatever it is that Howdy-Doody has and is now wondering whether something that can kill you is dangerous. Moreover, throughout the strip, it's pretty clear that everyone has forgotten that extreme lead toxicity has already been identified as the culprit in the animal deaths. The only thing Mark needs to find out is the source of the lead.

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