Wednesday, April 29, 2009


April 29, 2009

Panel 1:That hair! I keep trying to think of something to say about this panel, but I keep getting sidetracked by Stringy's hair. If you focus on it long enough, it starts to look like an envelope tucked behind his ear. Or a TV screen full of static. Or possibly a razor blade slicing his ear off. You know what it doesn't look like? Hair.

Panel 2:I do believe Stringy and Tom Wopat may have redeemed themselves a little bit here. I was thinking they'd kick the dog and nab the Elf. Now, faced with the prospect of the Elf's escape, they actually have a decent plan for getting him back. He's obviously a doofus, they recognize that, and they're going to use that to their advantage. Bravo!

Panel 3: Actually, Elf, they're damn near on top of her. But let's not quibble about semantics. You should run over their and try to rescue her. I mean, it's obvious that these vicious bank robbers intend to do her great harm. Or maybe they just want a little more action...


  1. "Or maybe they just want a little more action..."

    Are you sure it's "they" who want a little more action and not Sassy the spotted hyenapig? I think once you get a taste of Tom Wopat's chocolate starfish it's probably hard to stop.

    Have you considered keeping a tally of consecutive sentences ending with exclamation points?! Could be quite a record!

  2. Sassy the Tushy-licking Hyenapig. I might have to start a fan club.

    That's a great idea! An exclamation point counter. I'll have to see if I can implement such a thing right up there by my portrait...