Thursday, April 23, 2009


April 23, 2009

Panel 1: What the hell is Tom Wopat doing in this panel? Is he so drunk he needs to hold himself up by grasping at the window frame and sill? Or is he merely caught up in the throes of ecstasy brought about by the buggerific rim job Sassy appears to be providing? And if that's the case, why will they need the Elf? They should just get rid of him and keep good ol' Sassy.

Panel 2: Judging from Tom's frown, that weren't no rim job. I guess he was just drunk. Now he's got the spins and he's concentrating mightily on not throwing up.

Panel 3: I continue to be really, really annoyed by the Jackelrod Sphere's over-reliance on and utter abuse of the exclamation point. Perhaps the dialog in this panel merits exclamations, but let's return to Panel 1 for a second. In that panel, Stringy, who is relaxing at the table with his smokes and a stolen camera and draping his left arm over the back of the chair, says, "Yeah, we may need him!" The exclamation point just doesn't fit the picture. His body says chilled-out, his dialog says revved-up. Which is it?

Oh, and I think we should all applaud the fact that Mark is about to leave the house with Andy. We may finally get to see some real ass-kicking.

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  1. bravo! today was the first time i audibly laughed at the internet for a long time!

    also, i, too, hate the way the exclamation point is abused by Mark Trail! doesn't elrod know how to use it! ending every sentence with an exclamation point makes it seem like everyone is either shouting or on crack or something! the exclamations that i have been using are warranted because i just took a huge hit of coke!!!