Friday, April 24, 2009

No ass-kicking yet.

April 24, 2009

Panel 1:Kiss, kiss, smooch, smooch. Andy, the pony-sized dog, seems to have something going on with Mark's stallion. And Mark's hemmrhoids must be bad if he has to ride with his ass hanging off to one side of the saddle. All these things do a fine job drawing my attention away from Cherry's blather.

Panel 2:Mark is sick today and C. Thomas Howell is filling in.

Panel 3:Nicely done Stringy. It's a well known fact that teenage boys (even ones as dim and complacent as the Elf) respond really well to stern reprimands. I'm sure you've just guaranteed that the Elf is going to stay glued to that chair.

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  1. many thanks for linkage!

    and it is well known that Andy the dog is a horse lover! and does anyone know why all the characters in Mark Trail exclaim everything!? it's like the artist just likes to draw extra lines above the periods even when they aren't needed!