Friday, April 3, 2009


April 3, 2009

Panel 1: Mark’s magical black box has apparently achieved something the Elf heretofore thought impossible: extracting a picture from a “used” memory card. Wow. That’s some crazy shit.

Panel 2: Um, yes Elf, we know that. Do you know how we know that? You told us. On March 31st. And know what else? We’ve been talking about it ever since. So, for just a sec, just STFU please. You’re not adding anything of value here.

Panel 3: I’ve got a theory Mark. Want to hear it? Here it is: Stringy and Turtleneck are actually the comic incarnations of the Jackelrod Sphere and his colorist. Having realized just how badly they have fucked up the coloring and coherence of this particular story line, they have decided to interject themselves into the strip and steal the evidence of their ineptitude. In particular, the photographs that the Elf was taking. Unfortunately for them, their criminal aptitude is about on par with the comic strip production aptitudes, and so I imagine we’re going to suffer a whole lot more incoherence before this thing peters out. As evidence of this assertion, I point you to the following three panels. I’ll let you identify the problems…

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