Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Haunting in the Lost Forest

April 2, 2009

Panel 1: Ugh, there’s a set of skeletal digits reaching up to stroke Cherry’s velvety, soft chin. Fortunately, the Elf’s dialogue balloon is blocking out the frightening visage of this devilish ghoul.

Panel 2: Here we go again with the “used” memory cards theme. Now, I know people keep a couple of spare memory cards on hand when they travel. I mean, if your 2GB SD card only holds 285 hi-res pictures, it makes sense. But how many people routinely fill and file away memory cards when they’re at home? None. Except the Elf. Who has a stack of these stashed away under his bed that look like this:

One day, he’s going to figure out how to get those darn pictures off his “used” memory cards.

Panel 3: I’m not sure whether to comment on the fact that the Jackelrod Sphere seems to be realizing that its randomly placed dialogue balloons can provide seconds of unintentional hilarity to readers of this strip, or to comment on Mark’s risible suggestion that looking at pictures of two dudes eating lunch will somehow explain why those same two dudes stole the Elf’s camera. Oh wait…

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  1. This is turning out to be a very costly adventure for the Trail family. First they need a new memory card every time the elf takes a few snaps, then the camera gets ripped off, and now in order to view the card with the incriminating photos they will have to head back to the camera store to buy another camera! Because you just know these people only view the pictures through the 1.5" LCD screen. Or worse case - they have to buy a whole new computer!....err, I mean "picture viewing machine".