Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No April Fools...unfortunately.

April 1, 2009

Panel 1: Well, dear readers, our last, best hope has been dashed on the cruel shoals of humorless plotting. The Jackelrod Sphere could have ended this travesty of a storyline with a single panel saying “April Fools!” carved in an appropriately rustic font on bit of weathered wood. But no, we just got more of the same. The Elf is still confused, Mark is still embracing the exclamation point, and Stringy and Turtleneck are still fleeing from the scene of their most recent crime in their school bus and, no doubt, trying to figure out how to get the film out of the Elf’s former camera.

Panel 2: That’s quite the mouthful Mark. You could have just said, “I bet he didn’t really want the camera.” It might have made you sound almost human.

Panel 3: Duh. He wants them for their brilliant composition. Stringy recognizes the next Annie Liebowitz when he sees her…

UPDATE: Many thanks to the inimitable xy. Today's strip was added at 1:03 PM.


  1. so the april fool's joke is that you didn't post the comic with your commentary? because that's not much of a joke.

  2. Oh fuck! Thanks for the heads up.

  3. inimitable? really? that's odd since i imitate others.

  4. Yes, but they don't imitate you. Why? Because you are inimitable.