Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blame no one but the Jackelrod Sphere for this farce.

March 4, 2009

Panel 1: So I was looking at this panel trying to think of what I wanted to say (e.g., “Wow, that’s a big bold word.” “I thought Buck was in the wilderness already.”), when it occurred to me that I wasn’t sure whether we’d ever seen Patty Frampton wearing anything but her red shirt and blue denim coat. Well, we have. On January 23, 2009, she had on a sassy lavender turtleneck and lavender pants. Yow!

Panel 2: Is Mark’s head shrinking? His shoulders are now easily three times as wide as his head. That’s kind of weird looking. Also, I’d be interested to know how massaging Ken’s ulna with his own tiny little hands has revealed anything to Mark about the current state of Ken’s corporeal existence.

Panel 3: Well, I can’t argue with Patty Frampton about this one. If she and Buck hadn’t made Ken a cuckold [note the interesting use of antlers as a sign of cuckoldry in the link I've provided], he might merely be beating her because of his shitty timber business. Now, however, he’s been beating her for multiple reasons. As for the fact that Ken is lying there on the ground with some sort of organ damage and internal bleeding as the result of being attacked by a hysterical, bi-sexual deer, I think we can only blame that on the lousy fucking plotting of this comic strip.

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  1. You could also blame it on the chaos theory. I'm hoping when they return home the deer has broken in and wrecked all their shit.