Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Musical chairs, anyone?

March 17, 2009

Panel 1: Today is a travesty of comic strip continuity. Unless the Jackelrod Sphere believes that every character but Cherry is playing musical chairs, the various perspectives make no sense. In this panel, Mark’s back is to Turtleneck’s back. In Panel 2, Stringy Hair’s back is to the Retarded Elf’s back, but Turtleneck has clear line of vision. In 3, Stringy Hair and Retarded Elf are still back to back, but someone has moved so that Turtleneck can’t see Rusty. WTF? And if you compare this all to yesterday’s strip, there’s more of the same. How hard can it be to keep these things straight?

Panel 2: Wow, look at the Retarded Elf’s eyes. Someone must have beaten the shit out of him between Panel 1 and Panel 2. I warned him about wearing that outfit in public.

Panel 3: Um, give what a try?

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