Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In which I write dialog that amuses me.

March 10, 2009

Panel 1: I think that nurse is hiding under the bed, trying to cop another feel of Mark’s crotch. What else explains the tiny, feminine hand reaching out towards Mark nether regions?

Panel 2: “You know, Ken, in my experience, men can’t be counted on to control themselves. I think having a lot on your mind perfectly justifies beating your wife, shooting at deer out of season, throwing stuff at people, and pretty much any other anti-social behavior one needs to explain. I mean, c’mon! We manly men just aren’t that highly developed and really can’t be expected to comply with these so-called ‘social norms’ that the pussified males of modern liberalism typically hew to.”

Panel 3: “I’m not going to, though. I practice an ancient and obscure form of ritual self-denial known as Animosticism, in which I eschew any action that suggests I care about the feelings of others.”

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