Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jumping off our mortal coil.

March 11, 2009

Panel 1: While Mark blathers on about the remarkable transformation of Ken and Patty from violently dysfunctional spouses to affectionate potential adopters, Howdy-Doody – who clearly represents the reading public in this comic strip: silent, possibly incredulous, but definitely bored into stupefaction – wonders about Buck. Of course, if Howdy-Doody were truly representative of the reading public, he’d be asking when the fuck this narrative arc is going to crash back to earth and silently praying that it takes us all with it.

Panel 2: Hellooooo. Mark. Non-fucking-sequitur there. We’re wondering about Buck, not about Patty Frampton’s state of mind or your lame-ass magazine story. Where is that poly-amorous, bi-sexual cross-species philandering ungulate and who (or what) is he shacking up with now? Oh, and by the way, your cast-iron butt plug should be nicely warmed up by now; you might use that poker and pull it out of the fire.

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