Thursday, March 12, 2009

OT Post: Congratulations Are In Order

I'd like to congratulate Ace Buttockio (and the lovely Cherry Merkin) for finding their own Lost Forest redoubt. Ace, I assume you are busily fencing off the property to keep that bastard Buck at bay. Also, now that you've acquired real property, please don't go around adopting retarded elf-children, I'm not sure the world needs a Rusty Buttockio.


  1. Squid - Do you have any idea how hard it was to find a street name that was related to the most recent Mark Trail story arc? I was considering Pudendum Ave, Frampton Ct, Antler Rd, Ungulate Way...thank god we found a suitable property on Buck St! It's already fenced, and anyway you can't fence out omniscient squirrels - I find two or three in Merkin's trouser weekly.

  2. Your dedication to the middle-brow, mid-century, American values (and incidental environmentalism) exhibited in Mark Trail is impressive! Tell Merkin to stay away from those damn squirrels or you might have to start blasting away at them.

  3. Ace will take any opportunity to blast at the squirrels in my trousers. ~Merkin