Friday, March 13, 2009

I wonder if he buys a new garbage can every time the current one is full of trash?

March 13, 2009

Panel 1: On Wednesday, we had the penultimate strip ending the Patty Frampton saga with a couple of lames panels with Mark yakking about Patty and Ken. Yesterday, we got a couple of lame panels with Rusty yakking about Mark teaching him how to use his trusty camera. I was feeling hopeful that the sudden appearance of Rusty was going to be a short-lived phenomenon and would merely transition us into a new plot. Yet, today, here we are faced with three full panels of Rusty the Retarded Elf. Much to my dismay, I have concluded that the new plot is going to actually involve Rusty in some way. Ugh. Maybe he’ll end up taking a picture of a mustachioed man, who Mark will promptly pummel senseless because, as we all know, mustachioed men are bad and deserve to be beaten.

Panel 2: Having resigned myself to having to read about Rusty the Retarded Elf for the next three months, I might as well get down to it. I’ll start with this panel by pointing out that this is the perfect example of what happens when legacy comic strip writers attempt to “stay current.” The Jackelrod Sphere has heard about these new-fangled digital cameras and has even done enough research to know that they rely on “memory cards” (whatever those are) for storing pictures, but beyond that he doesn’t have a clue as to how digital cameras work. The JS is trapped in the film camera paradigm and believes that “memory cards” are some sort of linear storage device which hold a pre-established number of pictures. And so we’re treated to the Retarded Elf complaining that his digital camera has “run out of pictures” rather than “run out of memory.”

Panel 3: And of course, if you fill up your memory card, it’s filled forever. Time to buy a new one at the camera shop! I wonder if Ritz Camera is paying the Jackelrod Sphere to write this stuff?


  1. Wait a minute! You mean, you can just buy a new memory card once you run out of pictures!!?? I'M ON MY FIFTEENTH FUCKING CAMERA!!!!!!

  2. Tee hee. Yer funny.

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