Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Catch-up Time!

March 21, 2009

Panel 1: Yeah, the talking bouffant might draw attention to itself if it sounds anxious when asking about a camera. If a hair-do came up to me talking fast and sweating profusely, I might think something was odd, too.

Panel 2: "Um...wait...I mean, do you have any Grey Poupon?"

Panel 3: Boy, it's a shame the talking bouffant didn't ask this question, I bet it would get along handily with the talking eyebrow.

Panel 1: Mark drives a flying saucer and these dudes drive a school bus. Cool. While I appreciate the high variability in transportation modes in this strip, can I say that I find the attenuated hypothetical causal chain here to be slim justification for a crime. I mean, I know criminals are supposed to be stupid and all that, but c'mon! Some kid is going to go around boasting about the picture he took of his parents at a greasy spoon and his friends will recognize the people in the background? Hell no, they won't, they'll be too busy rolling on the ground laughing at the Elf.

Panel 2: The feds? Investigating a burglary? In the Lost Forest? Riiiiiight.

Panel 3: Is it me, or did Stringy Hair put on about 15 pounds of muscle between panel 2 and panel 3?

Panel 1: Isn't that sweet? Stringy Hair and Turtleneck have a cabin on the lake. No doubt stocked with back issues of Honcho and 100 Percent Beef. I'm beginning to think that their interest in the Elf's camera may be prurient.

Panel 2: That must be one of those rare Mexican otters. I can't think of any other explanation for why it would be doing the Macarena.

Panel 3: The barn? Really? The barn? Good lord. I know I have a dirty mind, and all, but fuckin-a, the JS makes it so damn easy with this strip. The barn....


  1. Sorry I'm late to the party, I was off in the Lost Woods ganking a Roosevelt Elk. In the 2nd panel of 3/21 I'd like to point out a possible error regarding the coloring of the bunny. Unless the use of a "White Rabbit" is a reference to drug use in Jackelrod's past (and clearly that could explain much) or this is a rare black-eyed albino rabbit, or perhaps a cruelly abandoned Easter present (not really fat enough), then this rabbit is a snowshoe or arctic hare still sporting a winter coat of white in what is clearly (as evidenced by the fully foliated deciduous shrubbery) late spring or summer. If it's a snowshoe hare, the ears and body proportions are all wrong. If it's an arctic hare, then I really have no fucking clue where this strip is actually located....Nunaviik??

    Perhaps I'm wrong, perhaps the Jackelrod Sphere is using this image as a reminder that with the upcoming Easter holiday, buying bunnies as presents for kids is not a good idea. After a while the bunnies aren't so cute anymore, they pee in your slippers, they leave dry tasteless milk duds everywhere, their farts smell like carrots and in the wee hours of the night you may find them perched on your chest, peering into your mouth and stealing your soul.

    Then it's off to Lost Woods where Dad opens the car door and shoves them out and they spend the rest of their short, terror filled lives being chased by foxes, otters, and hyenas, rapidly losing weight until they are finally cornered and have their entrails clawed out and eaten.

    Just spitballin' here.

  2. Is that what happened to my pet bunny? And my Mom said we were having it for dinner that one night. I thought that meal tasted suspiciously like chicken.