Monday, March 16, 2009

Evil shaved its mustache, but we don't care.

March 14, 2009

Panel 1: What is Mark doing with his right hand? And if Rusty is his adopted son, what kind of fucked-up New-Age parenting does he engage in, such that the Retarded Elf refers to his putative parents by their first names?

Panel 2: I just love Mark’s flying saucer. The wrap-around windows make it so easy for us to see inside the vehicle. On the other hand, it must be really fucking hard for Mark to drive with the school bus steering wheel crushing his knees like that.

Panel 3: Rusty’s “need” for a new memory card is just as annoying on Saturday as it was on Friday. Presumably, the camera store is going to play some role in the hi-jinks that are about to ensue, otherwise, this whole build up doesn’t make a lick of sense.

March 16, 2009

Panel 1: I bet the Retarded Elf’s scrapbook is a real doozy. Old memory cards taped to individual pages, each labeled in scrawling crayon with Rusty’
s descriptions of the card’s contents: “Mark sum trees Chery,” “Rocks hors an a ded skunk,” and, my personal favorite, “Paty dere ruber thingy.”

Panel 2: I see Mark’s lessons are really paying off. Not only is Rusty looking through the little window, he has managed to click the button, too.

Panel 3: Finally! Some no-goodniks we can believe in. Look at those sneers! Listen to their obviously guilty concerns about being documented in an 8-year old’s scrapbook! Check out the thuggish turtle neck and sideburns! Revel in the maliciously stringy baldness and pudgy jowls. My friends, we finally are done with the morally ambiguous adventures of Ken and Patty. Gone are the half-hearted smackdowns and the economic meltdown. Here are two men who, while it may be 2 months off, are going to cause some serious trouble and get some serious Justice, Mark Trail style!

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  1. they don't actually seem to be in the picture though. the people in the background of the first panel don't resemble the two thugs.