Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday morning catch-up.

March 18, 2009

Panel 1: It’s a shame Turtleneck didn’t overhear the conversation between Mark and the Elf. If he had, he would realize that the Elf doesn’t actually get his pictures printed, because he doesn’t know how to take them off his memory card. I guess I should be happy he didn’t hear the Elf because, like the butterfly flapping its wings, that little miss is going to result in a tornado of ass-kicking.

Panel 2: Shall we wager on this? Despite the lack of a moustache, Stringy Hair is obviously a very bad man. If the Elf were to sell him the camera, there would be no opportunity for the bad man to interact with Mark and, voile, the story line would spontaneously abort. While that would benefit the comic pages, this blog, and, literate people everywhere, it would require the Jackelrod Sphere to come up with some new plotting device. As a result, I’m thinking that the Elf won’t give up his camera.

Panel 3: Don’t be too aggressive? What’s Stringy going to do? Threaten to cram a napkin dispenser down the Elf’s throat unless he sells the camera? Oh, please let that be the case!

March 19, 2009

Panel 1: Great approach their Stringy! Let’s see how that might work in other contexts:

“Hey, kid, I saw you riding your bike…would you like to sell it to me?”
“Hey, kid, I saw you eating an ice cream cone…would you like to sell it to me?”
“Hey kid, I saw you walking your dog…would you like to sell it to me?”

Who, in Jackelrod’s name, would actually walk up to someone doing something they enjoy and, out of the blue, ask if they can buy the object of that person’s enjoyment? That’s fucking ridiculous.

Panel 2: “Think again, kid. If you don’t sell me this camera, I’m going to take this tiny, tiny left hand of mine, and….well…hmmm… not much, I suppose. Wait, I know! I’m going to give you a giant wedgie with those miniature mom jeans you’re wearing.”

Panel 3: Does that mean the Elf would give it away for free? That’s very charitable of him.

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