Wednesday, February 11, 2009

18 hours late...

Panel 1: Actually, Patty Frampton, this is where you saw Buck try to catch a flying chicken beak in his antlers. This is NOT where you saw him fall. If you'll go back and review the slo-mo from February 7, you'll see Buck cavorting and between him and the enraged Kung-Fu Master is a log much like the one you're currently looking at. However, if you jump ahead to the freeze-frame from February 9 you'll see no log. Instead, Buck appears to have tripped and fallen in patch of ferns. So, Patty Frampton, you'd better keep on moving if you're going to find your lover.

Panel 2: We now have further evidence that the Jackelrod Sphere is transmitting its comic from the 1950s. Note the belabored avoidance of the split infinitive. "He may be still alive." Are you fucking kidding me. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, born since 1960 has EVER not split an infinitive in day-to-day speech. If we didn't split infinitives, we'd all sound like robots...or worse, like Barbie dolls in mom jeans.

Panel 3: Blegh. Is it me or does Patty Frampton look like she's going cross-eyed and blind at the same time? Also, what's with all the extraneous dialog? "Where is he?" would have gotten the point across just effectively, especially since the "I saw him fall" is basically a recitation of panel 1. All in all, this panel sucks.


  1. Panel 3: In addition to the rather disturbing eyes, WHAT is up with the hand? Is that an index finger or a gagantuan deer hoof? Why is it five times the size of her thumb? She's WEIRD...she may be REALLY A HALF-DOE ESCAPEE FROM DR. JACKELROE'S ISLAND!
    Seriously, I defy any human to re-create the position and proportion of those digits.

  2. Excellent points, Ace. In fact, the more I look at it, the weirder that hand appears. If it weren't so freaking huge, I'd think that we just caught Patty Frampton's hand at the tail end of a nugget digging expedition. As it is, I'm going with your human-deer hybrid explanation.