Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gun control is gagging your damn mouthy shotguns.

February 5, 2009

Panel 1: "Except, you know, ride me like Evel Knievel on his rocket-bike."

Panel 2: I like how the two shotguns are having a conversation about taking caring of Buck. Of course, the shotgun on the left is hopelessly optimistic about his chances of shooting the deer, because it turns out our Kung-Fu Master prefers to use high-powered rifles at close-quarters target practice. Tsk-tsk. Note, too, the Jackelrod Sphere's ongoing use of pointless bolding. Or, I suppose in this case, some pointless non-bolding. Why is the shotgun on the right whispering "you" and shouting the rest of the sentence?

Panel 3: I think we finally have a clue about why Patty Frampton is so "attached" to Buck. Judging from the three-digit claw she's displaying in this panel, Patty is actually some sort of swamp creature who is trying to lure Buck back to her charnel lair. Why she doesn't just take Ken is beyond me. Possibly, he's just to bland and bitter.

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