Friday, February 6, 2009


February 6, 2009

Panel 1: Again, I'm forced to wonder what the fuck Ken the Kung-Fu Master was thinking when he chose the gun to "take care of" Buck. Here he is, 20 feet from a tame deer and he's going to take him out with a high-powered rifle? He runs a serious risk of shooting right through the damn deer. A shotgun is so much better for this type of shooting. I suppose he could be out of buckshot or slugs, but I doubt it. I think he's just an idiot.

Panel 2: He's also slower than molasses on a cold day. In the time it takes Patty Frampton to run 50 feet, the Kung-Fu Master manages to raise the rifle approximately 6 inches. Of course, part of the problem may be that he's trying to hear what Patty Frampton is saying. It's kind of difficult to make things out when somewhat is alternating between whispering and shouting like that. And, as further proof that fractal math underlies much of the natural word, we see that the hardwood silhouetted by the Kung-Fu Master's hip is using the same basic axiom as Patty Frampton's hairdresser.

Panel 3: I'm stunned. Ken the Kung-Fu Master has landed a blow! Buck should take this opportunity to flee. I'm quite certain the Kung-Fu Master will now engage in his bitter, graceless version of the adolescent end-zone dance one typically sees performed by NFL halfbacks in their moment of victory.

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  1. "I'm stunned. Ken the Kung-Fu Master has landed a blow!"

    Perhaps you are misinterpreting the Jackelrod Sphere in your assumption that Ken is landing a blow here and has previously been unable to land a blow. Have you not seen the commercials for "Push"? Clearly, Ken is one of these mutants that the government wants to turn into SuperSoldiers. He does not need to "land a blow" in order to send Patty to the turf. He does not need to slap her face to make her head spin. Of course that means he also doesn't need a howitzer to blast Bucky straight to hell....hmmmm.