Monday, February 2, 2009

Paternity leave catch-up

A brief note to all four people who read this blog: I'm going to be on paternity leave for the month of February. While I plan on posting every day, if my son doesn't nap as regularly as I hope, there may be the occasional delay. If that happens, I'll do a catch-up post like this one.

January 31, 2009

Panel 1: Mark is so busy having a conversation with his shoulder about how to use his camera, he's unaware that Ken the Kung-fu Master is walking up behind him preparing to open a can of his patented whoop-ass on our androgynous heroine. That is, of course, because Mark has nothing to be afraid of and his conscience is clear. Note, on the other hand, how nervous Buck has become.

Panel 2: Buck, you fucking coward, stop hiding behind Mark and Patty Frampton. Be a deer! Step up and defend your woman!

Panel 3: What's up with Patty Frampton's eyes? And why is Ken the Kung-Fu Master suddenly adopting the Stephen Colbert approach to silent editorializing?

February 2, 2009

Panel 1: Man, Ken the Kung-Fu Master couldn't land a punch if his life depended on it. Perhaps he should stop trying to carry on conversations and focus on hitting people. Also, if you're a regular reader of Mark Trail (which I obviously am), this panel my seem familiar. I did a little checking and we last saw it in slightly smaller format on November 14, 2008.

Nice job Jackelrod Sphere!

Panel 2: Which fist is exploding?

Panel 3: This panel would have been vastly improved if Mark Trail had said, "Simmer down, now!" On the other hand, it does pretty neatly cap three panels of coherent action. I know the JS recycled the first panel, but I like how he has Mark grab the Kung-Fu Master's wrist and jerk it behind his back. You can almost see sequence. I'll give the Jackelrod Sphere a non-snarky nice job for this one.


  1. it appears that mark's fist is doing the exploding.

    congrats on the paternity leave, sounds like it'll be tons of fun. for the baby anyway, probably not for you.

  2. Thanks! Two days so far and it's been a hoot.

  3. Wait, you may have LESS time to blog when you're sitting at home watching Oprah AND MAKING POOPY FACES than you do when you're at work defending our natural heritage from corporate slime and effluent?

    Awesome blog Ev, it's a daily favorite and I am one of the four. Now if I could just convince myself to pull the trigger on starting a "Luann" blog. (It would mostly be about Toni Daytona's breasts and whether or not Brad will ever actually suckle them like a young pigling.)

  4. Luann has definitely upped the "barely legal" content in recent weeks, eh? If I were 23 years younger, I'd probably be jacking off it to in the bathroom. As it is, I now have a whole house...