Monday, February 23, 2009

Meta-post: February Google Searches

I use StatCounter to track hits on this blog. It's an ego thing...I'm trying to compensate for my numerous inadequacies by amassing huge numbers of page hits. So far, my inadequacies have the lead. In any case, one thing StatCounter does is tell me where folks are coming from. Most of them come from the same couple of blogs (all of which are linked to the right), but a few are the product of apparently random Google searches. For your viewing pleasure, I present the most interesting February searches and their country of origin:

men with tiny feet (Canada)
androgynous hairstyles (UK)
androgyne haircut (Canada)
naturalist roundup (US)
comics androgyne (France)
1950s erotica (Spain)
goth androgynes (Russia)
someone, an animal (Turkey)

UPDATE: Just this morning someone in Latvia hit this site after Googling "androgynous hairstyle."


  1. men with tiny feet (Canada)

    Ok, that was me. I thought I could quietly slip away to B.C. and pursue my passion for loggers with size 4 steel toe boots. THANKS A LOT Squid! My marriage is over, Pierre is furious at being exposed, and I am left with a longing no man should ever know.

  2. Don't worry, Pierre will come back. Pierre always comes back. And he'll come tip-toeing on those tiny little feet of his.