Monday, February 23, 2009

A tornado of exclamation points.

February 21, 2009

Panel 1: Okay, so I've spent a lot of time snarking on the art, the action, the dialogue and pretty much every other aspect of "Mark Trail" recently. Today, I'd like to forgo snarking and talk about my total confusion about where this particular adventure is headed. So far, the Jackelrod Sphere has spent it's time convincing us that Ken the Kung-Fu Master is a bad man. Ken scowls, Ken throws stuff, Ken hits (or tries to hit) his wife, Ken shoots at deer out of season. Heck, Mark even had to use some of his patented adrogynitsu on him. I mean, what is the message here, except, "Ken is bad."

Today, though, the message has suddenly changed. Mark wants to "help" Ken. His friend in the Forest Service (who could, incidentally, serve as my hairline stunt double when I film dangerous hair care sequences) says that Ken is a "nice fellow." What the fuck is going on here? Are we hunting Ken or are we helping Ken? Is Ken a raging psychopath, or just a little down on his luck? I'm confused.

Panel 2: Mark tries really, really, really hard to come up with something empathetic to say about Ken's employees. I don't think "That's tough!" really fits the bill, though.

February 23, 2009

Panel 1: Mr. Hairline Stunt Double (HSD for short) apparently has the remarkable ability to re-arrange his office without so much as batting an eyelash (or moving one of his few, sparse hairs out of place). On Friday he had a lovely commemorative plaque (probably from the Elk's) and a framed document (probably his degree from Lost Forest Institute of Forestology) hanging behind his desk. Today? They're gone. That's some scary shit, Mr. HSD.

Panel 2: Much like Circuit City did 6 months ago. Keeping the disloyal ones around didn't do much for Circuit City and, apparently, it's not doing much for Ken either.

Panel 3: Mr. HSD aged twenty-five years just by standing up. Why did he stand up? To come around the desk and check and see if that tiny, tiny hand laying on the desk is really Mark's, or if Mark is just jerking him around and playing tricks with a plastic Barbie hand.

A Note About The Title of This Post: Over the course of two days, the Jackelrod Sphere did not use a single period. It's either question marks or exclamation points and nothing in between.

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