Saturday, January 10, 2009

Do androgynes dream of epicene sheep?

January 10, 2009

Panel 1: Cherry leaps on Mark and, Mark, feeling her ucky female organs pressing against his chest, twists his face to the left so as to minimize the chances that he has to kiss her. Fortunately, Patty Frampton is busily apologizing in the background and Mark is wearing his white gloves. Altogether, this bodes well for Mark. It seems unlikely he'll actually have to touch Cherry's warm, quivering flesh for at least another 8-10 hours. And by then, Mark will certainly be too tired (and may possibly have a headache) to do anything but give Cherry a peck on her cheek before rolling over and staring at the wall while pretending to fall asleep.

Panel 2: Why is Mark winking? And why is Patty Frampton still apologizing?

Panel 3: The only thing missing from this scene of near perfect early 60's domesticity is a reel-to-reel perched on top of a 110" television console like a robotic egret on a wood-paneled hippo. The pink shag rug definitely makes up for that little oversight.

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