Saturday, January 17, 2009

Someone call Animal Protective Services

January 17, 2009

Panel 1: A few short weeks ago, Mark was cavorting about in the swamp with a man forgettable and his daughter's pet raccoon. Did we get any lectures, then, on state and federal regulation of animal handling? Hell no. We were just forced to read a series of disturbing strips in which the aforementioned raccoon humped anything that walked, including Mark, a little girl with a giant mullet head, a dog, and a howdy-doody mannequin. Given that level of perversity with wildlife, I'm not sure why Mark's suddenly so concerned about a little harmless buggery with an underage deer.

Panel 2: Finally! The protagonist we've been looking for. He doesn't have mustache, but that scowl will do in a pinch. I can't wait to see Mark punch the frown right off his face!

Panel 3: Blergh.

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