Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Goth girl!

January 27, 2009

Panel 1: I like this panel. I like it for its ellipses. The art is bland, the dialogue is as stilted as ever, but oh those ellipses. I like what they hint at. Note the transition to panel 2. Mark likes the noble intentions (“That’s good.”), but he’s got more pressing concerns (Photographing her deer in front of the fireplace.). Mark is ready to use Patty Frampton, just like all the other men (or half-men in this case) in her life. Her husband sees her as a kung-fu practice pad, Buck just wants in her pants, and Mark? Well, Mark, wants to take some pictures and he wants to take them now.

Mark’s comment reminds me of getting high with some friends back in college. We’re all sitting around and the man of the hour is getting ready to fire up the joint he’s holding. He suddenly decides to regale us with the tale of how he found the dimebag in the parking structure behind the student union. The rest of us ne’erdowells, meanwhile, love that he’s got some weed and are ever so proud of him, but mostly we just want to get stoned. So, one of us blurts out, “That’s good, Biff, but light that fucker up already!”

Panel 2: Buck just can’t keep his nose out of the butter, can he?

Panel 3: Blah! That eye! The Jackelrod Sphere or, perhaps more accurately, his colorists have gone and gotten all Edgar Allan Poe on our asses. Between that crazy eye and Patty Frampton’s black lipstick, this is some of the more disturbing art I’ve seen in recent Mark Trails!

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  1. seems that Buck likes the ass-butter. good for him.