Monday, January 12, 2009

Early? In the morning or in the series?

January 12, 2009

Panel 1: You know, my grandmother used to have a hutch just like the one lurking behind Cherry’s right shoulder. It was a light brown, and had wood inlay details on the door panels and a leaded glass front. She kept my dearly departed grandfather’s aperitif glasses inside and a bowl of candy on top. I loved that hutch....and those fuckers over there in Lost Forest bid it right out from under me at the estate sale.

Panel 2: I can’t figure out what to discuss in this panel. Should I talk about the diabolic coloring, with the Technicolor fire and the washed out background? Should I talk about the weird smoke billowing out from Cherry and Patty Frampton’s feet, like they’re about to take off and zoom through the roof? Or perhaps I should just point out that it would appear that Cherry is intent on providing more grist for Mark’s recent Penthouse letter.

Panel 3: Patty Frampton asserts that it’s early. Is it? Let’s check:

Okay, I'll concede that it's early. But Patty Frampton, why so grim? Perhaps the prospect of getting trapped in a Mark Trail serial for 3 months is bringing you down?

UPDATE: Comics - Out of Context points out that Patty Frampton may be so glum because of the circumstances in which she came. She shouldn't be so down; I'm sure it's hard to resist the sheer erotic power of Cherry's right-part.

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  1. Actually, it's upstairs at M&P's house.
    Stop using proxies to bid at your own family's estate sales.

    The real horror is that our Grandparents had the same aesthetic as Mark Trail.