Friday, January 16, 2009

These ain't grapes, baby.

January 16, 2009

Panel 1: You know Patty Frampton, there's something out there called a "schtick." It's a Yiddish word, originally used to describe a mannerism or tic that was repeated for comic effect. However, over time, schtick has come to mean more than that. Now, it's often used to describe an action that someone takes deliberately and frequently, but not necessarily sincerely. I'm telling you this, because I'm beginning to think your apologizing is nothing a but a schtick...and it's getting old fast. So, would you please just STFU about your early-morning visit?

Panel 2: Dude, Mark. That's what she said! If this devolves into some fucked-up threesome (with Cherry the blue-fringed explorer acting as camera-woman), I'm joining a convent and dedicating my life to silent contemplation of the ineffable.

Panel 3: Uh-huh. Baby bottle. You know, atleast Steinbeck had the cojones to have Rose of Sharon breast feed the starving man. Of course, he also had the good taste to avoid even the slightest hint of bestiality in his books. Something we can't currently say about the Jackelrod Sphere.

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